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It is a bit silly to confess a soft spot for Deutsche Grammophon, but I am afraid that used to be my case.. When I was a kid and saw the LPs with the beautiful yellow table, I couldn’t help feeling tempted to buy them. I remember driving my father to madness to buy me Karajan’s Four Seasons (yes, Vivaldi’s…) because of that cover with the apples and the yellow logo. Then there were the car stickers – I never knew (to this day) how some people got them and I was crazy to get one myself. I even considered butchering one of my LP covers just to stick it to the family’s car… Anyway, my feeling for DGG are rekindled by their admirable new policy of offering their whole catalogue for download all over the world, while launching a new beautiful and user-friendly website. I hope all other labels follow the noble exemple and start to treat their clients as clients and not as potential criminals, EMI above all. As an exemplary customer, I always prefer to buy original CDs as my humble contribution the music industry on which all music lovers depend. Therefore, being refused in amazon.com, itunes store etc offended me to the bones. Having one’s honest money refused is simply an invitation to piracy – and I am glad Deutsche Grammophon is the first large-scale label to recognise that, if you want to make money, you must make your customers welcome.


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