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I have just arrived from Santiago, a city I had never visited before. The whole idea was to take a look at the Teatro Municipal, their opera house, which was presenting Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. As the Chileans are keen on repeating, Santiago is not a touristic place but if you have two days before visiting the beautiful destinations in the countryside, it might be worth the time spent there. The old city center has some beautiful neoclassical building and if there were some charming cafés, nice restaurants or interesting shopping, I am sure it would have an interesting atmosphere. As it is, the Chilean seem to prefer other neighbourhoods. They seem to have a fondness for the Miami-fied Las Condes, but Providencia is one of the most beautiful residential areas I have ever seen. But nothing has caught my attention so vividly as the opera house – it is a small exquisite theatre and their season is certainly interesting. It seems that there is a strong German influence in Santiago and German opera has a special presence in their calendar.

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