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Confronted with accusations of out-of-dateness, I have decided to yield myself to the general opinion that I should have a “proper” blog. This decision was delayed by the horror story of a friend who lost all her posts on a crash or something like that at Blogger.  So I would still like to know how to settle this thing to e-mail me the content as a backup (any ideas?).

A second reason for this change is my intent to post from my Spanish/Portuguese vacation starting on Friday. Without a computer office (as in New York), it would be a bit difficult to use the pre-historical .doc system I have used so far. So let’s see how it works. In any case, please bear with me until I make final decisions about layout, commenting, posting etc etc.

A final comment: The old blog never had a title simply because I could never found one. I’ve tried some “clever” stuff, such as using verses from libretti or a jeu de mots on some Latin expression… Then I thought of a nonsensical title “Fermata prenotata” – I believed this sounded vaguely like something musical and made me remember the tram in Milan – but then it was nothing but  something you would find in a train or a bus… Then there was the idea of using Webseligkeit…. because of Richard Strauss’s song on Dehmel’s verses Waldseligkeit. But again it was too crafty, difficult to pronounce in any language but German and too silly.  “I hear voices” is also silly – it occured to me during an intermission at the Met when I thought about M. Night Shyamalan’s movie The Sixth Sense (don’t ask…).  I might change that as soon as I finally realize it is a stupid idea.


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